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Luminance RGB Laser Light Show Systems

Luminance RGB Laser Light Show System Sales are focused on 2 main markets.

Professional RGB Laser Systems and Entry Level Laser Systems.

Specifications & Pricing

Luminance RGB Entry Level Laser Light Show Projectors


“Entry Level” Laser systems allowing for the beginner Laserist, hobbyist, small entertainment venue and/or mobile Disc Jockeys to begin offering the beauty of Lasers to their productions.

Specifications & Pricing

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Welcome to Luminance Laser Systems.

Luminance RGB Laser Light Show System sales are for the professional Laser company, Production Company, Entertainment Venue or anyone looking to add the beauty and advanced technology of Lasers to their productions. We offer 2 main categories of Laser Light Show Projector sales, Professional Laser Systems and Entry Level Laser Systems.

LuminanceRGB professional Laser Light Show Systems are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. We are dedicated to providing high quality Laser Light Show Projectors that are both cost effective and rugged enough for the most demanding applications. Our Laser show systems have available power outputs from 1 Watt to 60 Watts and greater. Single color, multi-color and of course- Full color Lasers are all available for almost any venue and almost any production. These Laser systems are all state of the art. Utilizing the newest in solid state Laser technology which allows even very high output powered systems (10+ Watts) to all be air-cooled and powered by standard “wall power.” There is no water cooling and there is no need for 3 phase power.

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  • KVANT Diode Laser Modules. Coherent OPSL Laser Modules. CNI DPSS Laser Modules.
  • Cambridge Technology Scanning Systems. Pangolin Scanning Systems. Eye Magic Scanning Systems
  • High Efficiency Optics for Maximum Optical Throughput
  • USA Certified and Operators Variance Included
  • Easily “In the Field” Beam Alignments
  • Remote Interlock with Power Output Control
  • Custom Made One By One for Each Client
  • Industry Leading 3 Year Warranty
  • Custom Power and Wavelength configurations available


  • ALL NEW “entry level” systems allowing for more affordable options
  • 2 Watts – 5 Watts
  • CNI, Laserwave Laser Modules
  • High Efficiency Optics for Maximum Optical Output
  • USA Certified with Operators Variance
  • DT40 Pro and DT40 “Wide” Scanning Systems
  • 1 Year Warranty

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