Luminance RGB Entry Level Laser Systems

1 Watt (1,000mW) to 6 Watts (6,000mW)

Why Luminance “Entry Level” Lasers?

Just like our professional Laser Light Show Systems, our entry level Laser systems go through a RIGOROUS quality control program and “burn-in” period including…

  • Minimum of 8 hours of maximum Laser¬†power output projection with the ILDA test pattern. This tests for both possible¬†thermal issues with the Laser modules and any possible thermal issues with the scanning system.
  • All safety systems are checked (delays, interlocks, emergency shut off, power reset, scan fail (if installed) at both the beginning of the burn in and immediately prior to shipping
  • All individual Laser modules are checked for: proper power output at their respective¬†apertures. If the laser is rated at 3 Watts 637nm RED…it will be a MINIMUM of 3 Watts 637nm RED. Individual thermal issues. Combined power outputs and modulation linearity.
  • All electrical systems are checked for safety and for proper, long lasting connections. We do not “cut corners” with ANY of the build process. All wiring, connections, layouts and hardware assembly is done with meticulous attention to detail.

These new entry level Laser Light Show Projectors are specifically manufactured for companies, venues, hobbyists and mobile DJ’s looking to add the spectacular effects of a high-end Laser light show like the “pros” provide. The Luminance RGB Entry Level Laser Systems are designed for relatively smaller audiences and smaller venues where the need for professional level specifications and components are not needed.

These Laser systems do not disappoint. Purchase YOURS today!

Luminance RGB Laser Light Show Systems. Entry Level


Luminance RGB Laser Light Show Projectors are certified in the USA with the FDA/CDRH. We are an FDA approved Laser system manufacturer.


Luminance Lasers (by CT. Lasers) is a proud Corporate Member of the International Laser Display Association. We are also members of the USA Laser Regulatory Committee.

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Luminance Laser Systems recommends Pangolin Laser Light Show Software and hardware.
We are proud to be a USA authorized dealer for Pangolin Laser Systems.